Motor Cities Fox Terrier Club & Terrier Club of Michigan

 FOUR Earthdog Trials

September 19 & 20, 2020

 Motor Cities Fox Terrier Club and Terrier Club of Michigan are offering two ED trials each day

 at the Detroit Beagle Club in Addison Michigan.

Entry Fees for all events:       Pre-Entry         Day of Event
               Intro                                 $12.00                  $15.00
 Junior, Senior, Master                 $18.00                  $20.00
          Endurance                           $30.00                  $35.00
 (Senior & Master)                                                       

NOTE:  Pre-Entries close at Midnight on Wed. Sept. 16th


Check back for more info as it becomes available.






Dogs must be six months of age or older and be registered with the AKC

Spayed and neutered dogs, dogs with Limited Registration, and dogs of an eligible breed

that have been granted PAL/ILP (Purebred Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privileges)

or dogs with Conditional registration are eligible to participate. Monorchid or cryptorchid males

are eligible to participate. The following breeds are classified as eligible to participate in earthdog tests:

Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers, Miniature Pinschers and the following Terriers:

 American Hairless Terrier Australian, Bedlington, Border, Cairn, Cesky, Dandie Dinmont,

 Fox (Smooth and Wirehaired), Glen of Imaal, Jagdterrier, Lakeland, Manchester, Miniature Bull,

 Norfolk, Norwich,Parson Russell, Rat, Russell, Scottish, Sealyham, Silky, Skye, Welsh,

West Highland White and Yorkshire. Dogs that are blind and deaf shall not be eligible. Bitches in

season shall not be eligible to enter the test. Entry fees paid for a bitch that comes in

season shall not be refunded. Premium will be posted as soon as available.